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-- написано 11-2-2022 16:38 msfieldluck35

to be a great learner, we ought to have top habits and methods of mastering. we want to get geared up for our lessons before magnificence and usually listen carefully in class. after magnificence, we must go over the training and end our homework on time. it's desirable to take a look at in groups and assist each other. we have to do more reading in our unfastened time. if we have any problems, we'd better ask others for assist. as a scholar, running tough is important, however don't neglect to do sports activities and hold healthful. many of our lives are not as adventurous or glamorous because the lives in films. we do now not war evil all day long and then go back to our pricey penthouse condominium. we simply move to highschool, do our homework, et, speak to our pals, and sleep. we want a touch pleasure in our lives and we find excitement on the movies.
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