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The law course at Cambridge is intended to give a thorough grounding in the principles of law viewed from an academic rather then a vocational perspective. There are opportunities to study the history of law and to consider the subject in its wider social context. The emphasis is on principle and technique. Skills of interpretation and logical reasoning are developed, and students are encouraged to consider broader questions such as ethical judgement , political liberty and social control.
Although many undergraduates who read law do so with the intention of practicing many do not , preferring instead to go into administration , industrial management or accountancy. Candidates intending to read law need not have studied any particular subject at school. It is as common for undergraduates to have a scientific or mathematical background at A-level as it is for them to have studied history or languages.
Undergraduates reading law for three years take Part IA of the Tripos at the end of the first year. This comprises four papers: Criminal Law , Constitutional Law , of Tort and Roman Law. In the second year five subjects are studied for Part IB of the law Tripos which is taken at the end of the year. The range of subjects on offer in wide ? from Family Law to International Law ? though in practice most undergraduates take Contract and Land Law as two of theirs papers. In the third year , five subjects are studied for Part II of the Tripos. The range of options is even wider than in Part IB. According to preference an undergraduate may develop his or her interest in property law ( including trusts and conveyancing law ), commercial law , public law ( including Administrative Law and EEO Law ), or in more academic and sociological aspects of law , such as Jurisprudence , Legal History , Labour Law and Criminology .

Candidates may also participate in the seminar course,
submitting a dissertation in place one paper.

Candidates for the postgraduate LL.M take any four papers selected from a wide range of options in English Law, Legal History, Civil Law, Public Law, International Law, and Comparative Law and Legal Philosophy.
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